Wednesday, October 6, 2010


LookingGlass (beta) is a proof-of-concept business tool that makes social media data actionable.  Its platform nature allows integration of various systems and data to build deeper consumer insights. 
-Partners can build on top of the Microsoft platform to add insight and information for their clients. 
-Businesses can overlay sales and support data and other key information to take targeted actions and enhance the ROI of participating in social media.

LookingGlass beta users include three groups:
• Marketing teams can use LookingGlass to track campaign effectiveness and to stimulate ideas for new product development.
• PR teams can use LookingGlass to understand and act on what’s being said about their company’s brand.
• Customer support teams can use LookingGlass to identify product issues and proactively push out cost-effective solutions as well as engage with consumers in real time.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Why a Posh Store Is Selling on eBay

Dallas's Stanley Korshak clothing store has long been known for its high-end merchandise, wealthy clientele and personalized customer service. But as owner Crawford Brock watched the recession take hold, a new idea clicked.
Mr. Brock decided to sell some of his excess merchandise, which included $5,700 Kiton sport coats and $900 Christian Louboutin heels, in a decidedly more downscale venue: eBay.

Downturn Spurs Retailers Like Stanley Korshak to Try Audacious Gambits

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sell on

Fees and other details

Amazon WebStore Advantages

WebStore Advantages
Amazon WebStore is your solution for creating a top of the line, professional, branded eCommerce site. In addition to powering your white label website, use the same management tools and interface to list your catalog on with Selling on Amazon. Also, let Amazon pick, pack and ship your orders with Fulfillment by Amazon.

What is an amazon aStore?

Feature Amazon Products

Create a dedicated shopping area on your website in minutes.
  • Keep visitors on your site longer as they shop
  • Select the Amazon products to feature
  • Include all Amazon products, or display only the categories you choose
  • Customize your store's look and feel

aStore for amazon