Wednesday, October 6, 2010


LookingGlass (beta) is a proof-of-concept business tool that makes social media data actionable.  Its platform nature allows integration of various systems and data to build deeper consumer insights. 
-Partners can build on top of the Microsoft platform to add insight and information for their clients. 
-Businesses can overlay sales and support data and other key information to take targeted actions and enhance the ROI of participating in social media.

LookingGlass beta users include three groups:
• Marketing teams can use LookingGlass to track campaign effectiveness and to stimulate ideas for new product development.
• PR teams can use LookingGlass to understand and act on what’s being said about their company’s brand.
• Customer support teams can use LookingGlass to identify product issues and proactively push out cost-effective solutions as well as engage with consumers in real time.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Why a Posh Store Is Selling on eBay

Dallas's Stanley Korshak clothing store has long been known for its high-end merchandise, wealthy clientele and personalized customer service. But as owner Crawford Brock watched the recession take hold, a new idea clicked.
Mr. Brock decided to sell some of his excess merchandise, which included $5,700 Kiton sport coats and $900 Christian Louboutin heels, in a decidedly more downscale venue: eBay.

Downturn Spurs Retailers Like Stanley Korshak to Try Audacious Gambits